At Focus, we believe in empowering people to trust and believe in their own power. Part of the service we provide is supporting this belief within the Early Years and Education sector. This involves supporting and empowering young people and the adults surrounding them to be the best they can be.

With Focus, YOU will get YOU there

We offer our support to all of our clients within their own homes, a neutral place or within their place of education or care. Nowhere is unreachable.


We believe a child’s early development is of the utmost importance, and with over 20 years experience working and managing settings within the Early Years sector and being Ofsted trained, we believe that sharing our knowledge and expertise with nursery providers is a great way to secure better outcomes for young children. With a true passion for outstanding settings and childcare practice, Focus can offer a variety of different consultancy packages to support and improve any Early Years setting.



At Focus and as parents, we understand that sometimes there can be a break down in communication between schools and home. This can be difficult, trust can be broken and children often left feeling unsupported or stuck in the middle of the two parties. As advocates for children being heard, we regularly engage with multiple agencies and specialise in mediation and advocacy. Not only do we support children in being heard but parents/ carers also, helping them to maintain their power and keep their young persons’ best interests at heart. We are passionate about it, and it is what we do best!











Irrespective of SEND, statement (or not) we are primarily here to help - Give us a call!