Reiki Sessions Pricing

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Specific treatment, per area: £45.00 per 30mins

Full seated treatment: £65.00

Full body treatment: £80.00

Counselling Pricing

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Consultation: £35.00

1 session (45 mins): £70.00

Life Coaching Pricing


Consultation: £35.00

1 session (45 mins): £60.00

Family Empowerment Pricing

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Consultation: £35.00

Session for 2-4 year olds: £50.00

Session for 5-7 year olds: £55.00

Session for 8-10 year olds: £60.00

Session for 11-13 year olds: £65.00

Session for 14-19 year olds: £70.00

Telephone number - 07760 783857 

Email address -

  • Cost of the first session MUST be included in payment of Consultation.
  • Counselling sessions need a commitment of 6 sessions (minimum) to be paid weekly in advance.
  • The price list depicts the cost of actual sessions with our practitioners and does not include adhoc duties that clients may require eg. Attending meetings, writing reports. these duties will incur additional costs, this will be discussed at each individual meeting with the clients. Anything which is an additional cost will be discussed with clients before proceeding.
  • ALL consultations expire after 6 weeks.
  • Due to the nature of the business we operate a No Refunds policy.